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New RBK Money Visa Card


Today I want to give you a small gift, but more on that later, and first news.

So, we launched our new RBK Money Visa card ! Here's what she looks like:

RBK Money Visa is a full-fledged debit bank card of Visa Classic level. With its help, you can make payments or receive cash around the world where Visa is accepted. In addition, the card has a chip, so you can use Chip & PIN points that are common in the EU.
What she can do:
  1. Instant deposit (0%) and withdraw (1.5%) from RBK Money wallet
  2. Charge up to 7% on the balance
  3. Cash withdrawal in more than 1000 ATMs without commission
  4. Free SMS transaction information

How to get a card

RBK Money Visa card can be ordered by the owner of the Extended RBK Money wallet after entering the wallet.
We did it only for Expanded Wallets, because when a bank issues a card, it will still require data, and this will make life easier for the user and speed up the process.

Card price - 450 rubles with delivery. The card can be obtained by courier in Moscow, or by mail throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, for the time being only for citizens of the Russian Federation, but do not be discouraged: “Dali Bude” (Ukr).

And now a gift.

Getting a gift is easy. After you order a card, send me the number of the purse from which you ordered it in a personal and you will receive a refund during the day. At the same time, you can welcome, I will be glad!

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