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Wikipedia switches to P2P video

A technical blog post on Wikipedia says that from now on, all the videos on Wikimedia sites support torrent delivery.

Each user can install the Swarmplayer extension in the browser ( currently only under Firefox, soon will be under IE) - and from this point on, any Wikimedia video will flow to his browser not directly from the site, but through the P2P network of the same clients. This will significantly reduce the load on the Wikimedia servers.

Swarmplayer 2.0 works with the Kaltura HTML5 library (aka mwEmbed) and the url2torrent.net service.

This is quite a functional player that copes better with watching videos than a regular torrent client (as you know, the latest version of uTorrent has a function to watch videos while downloading). So, Swarmplayer downloads http fragments with a high priority, and everything else is already booting through torrents. This ensures a minimum delay when you start viewing.

Player settings allow you to choose which part of the channel you are willing to donate for distribution. Even if you don’t distribute anything at all, installing the plugin still saves traffic, because video files are saved in your cache and will not be downloaded again the next time.

The P2P-Next Consortium is funded by the European Union and is working to create a global P2P system for online video. Habré was mentioned about it two years ago when the first version of Swarmplayer was released.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105090/

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