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The Xmarks project (also called Foxmarks) is closing due to lack of funds


The well-known Xmarks project closes with the wording: “There is no money for hosting support and paying salaries to the project staff.”

According to the official blog of the project, since spring of this year there have been problems with finances and the project urgently began searching for investors or, more precisely, buyers. Within three months they were close to the conclusion of the transaction, but as soon as it came to signing the contract, as if for no apparent reason, the clients went back on track ... Just considered the option to make the project paid. But it would not be appropriate from the point of view of the end user, since the service was free for four years.
Service outage plan: 90+ days service will still be online. And in January 2011, it will be completely disabled. All users are advised to use the instructions on this link .

Let me remind you that the synchronization service bookmarks (and later passwords and open tabs) Xmarks is one of the most popular plug-ins for browsers in this type.

Very, very sorry .... :( I am very used to it and I will miss him very much ... :(

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