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Widget Yandex.Webmaster

You can customize the Yandex home page to your liking using widgets. A widget is a small information block of a site that is installed on the Yandex home page. It may contain information of interest to you, such as news or a search form.

Today, this widget appeared at Yandex.Webmaster . Using the widget, you can follow the news (in particular, quickly find out about the TIC, index the site, the number of incoming links) and quickly switch to the service itself. You can install the widget either from the Widgets Catalog or directly on Yandex.Webmaster - each site has a widget installation button in the “General Information” section.

We also collected in the catalog and other widgets that may be useful to site owners. They can be installed together with the Yandex.Webmaster widget.
Install widgets - find out about the status of your sites every time you go to the Yandex home page.

Team Yandex.Webmasters and the tuning section of the main page

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105082/

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