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CodeFest - flew to spring

image On Thursday, September 23, the whole of Novosibirsk stood up in one big traffic jam: as it turned out, it was not for nothing that we wrote 3 posts to Habr about the upcoming CodeFest conference , because the number of participants who came to the conference already exceeded 400 people for dinner.

True, we did not fully test the registration process, as a result of which we had to move the opening of the CodeFest and wait for everyone to get the badges and pass into the hall. Well, we are adult boys and girls, and we admit that we made a mistake: the flights were dismantled, the conclusions were made, and the next time the registration will be lightning.

Anyway, morning problems did not affect the remaining day: everything went very energetically and positively. Already now on the Internet you can read reviews about CodeFest and specifically about reports and speakers. We will briefly highlight other interesting moments.

Junk Museum

As promised, in one of the secluded corners in the chill-out is located the Museum of Science and Technology of the SB RAS . All day the people approached the old pieces of iron and marveled. We express our deepest gratitude to Nikolai Nikolaevich Pokrovsky, who entrusted us with these rarities and personally came to CodeFest to tell everyone who wished them their history.

Job Board

Immediately, as soon as our friends from e-work brought a corkboard , it was overgrown with vacancies and resumes, and all day both employers and job seekers crowded around it: someone stuck their business cards, someone attached pre-prepared ads, someone already rewrote employer contacts. In other words, the board was held in high esteem, and we concluded that the next time you need to bring a board twice as large, because this was clearly not enough.


“Chpok-point!” Is a recognized CodeFest star :) Someone limited himself to one chpok, and someone scored a whole bag for himself, his colleagues, wives, children, mothers, fathers and other relatives.

Useless fact about Chpok-point! is that there were exactly 404 of them (hello, no hare!), and a video of how a friendly Vietnamese family made chopoks will soon appear on the Internet. Follow our twitter @ CodeFestRu .

Photos, videos, presentations

- Once set ;
- two set .

Tomorrow's videos and presentations will start appearing on our codefest.ru site. All updates will be reported on our @ CodeFestRu twitter - follow us!


The main thing we wanted to achieve when we conceived CodeFest is to create such an event, where you can come not only for fresh thoughts, but also to communicate with colleagues in the industry. It was for communication that we relied and, judging by the feedback from the participants, everything turned out well. Atmosphere CodeFest in itself promoted productive conversations over a cup of coffee with a bun and old Johnny Walker, which flowed smoothly into after-party at one of Novosibirsk establishments.

We thank our partners Xored , Parallels , SibirEnergoBilling , Quatt , Diadok and Oversan for their invaluable help and support.

Separately, on behalf of the organizers - the Siberian Internet Week and DoubleGIS - I thank all the participants , who were not too lazy to stroll their favorite work and came from different parts of our vast country.

Bonus track from Oleg Bunin : “From the developer to the developers -“ hello ”! I have always believed that the only opportunity to learn is to communicate with masters and gurus. The CodeFest conference has an excellent program - use this opportunity, squeeze the maximum out of this fact. After all, innovation is not Skolkovo, it is us, professionals who want to become super professionals and benefit! Good luck! ”

The next CodeFest will be held in spring 2011.

We are waiting for you, it will be cool!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105079/

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