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Impressions of the past day developer Windows Phone 7

As many already know, yesterday was the day of the developer of Windows Phone 7, which I was able to visit. Unfortunately I did not have a camera, so there will be no photos from the event. There will be only my thoughts about visiting.
Who are interested in welcome.

Forgot to add:
The distribution of income will be 70 to 30. 70% gets the developer, and 30% retains Microsoft. There is also a restriction on the publication of free applications, they can be published 5 pieces as part of the subscription. The rest is for extra money.

There is also a limit on the number of phones that can be unlocked by one subscription. There are 3 of them (if according to the DreamSpark program, then only 1). On the unlocked phone you can put no more than 10 applications from a PC. If you need to debug more, you will have to delete.

The content of the whole event can be divided into 2 categories: the technical part and the marketing part.

The technical part seemed to me not very interesting. It contained several reports on the application development process. MS offers two development platforms: SilverLight and XNA for applications and games, respectively. Frames are of course no one rigid, and the choice on what to write is yours. You can also write a game on Silverlight and an application on XNA. All development tools are free and available for download on the MS website. It was upset that many functions of the device (accelerometer, telephone module, GPS) were not available in the emulator, so the development of games using these modules was postponed. But the Moscow office of the giant wants to help. In October, they launch a program where the developer can come to their office and test the application on a real device, this is certainly not a complete development, but already something.

The marketing part was more interesting. Most, in my opinion, interesting news in theses:
1. The final version of the developer tool is already available (for free).
2. Market for developers will be open in early October. (Registration $ 100, for students for free).
3. Russia is in the list of countries where developers can sell their applications and withdraw money to bank accounts.
3. For registration, you will have to send a W-8 form that you will not pay taxes in the United States and do it in Russia. The biggest question is how to send, currently only by regular mail.
4. The first phones will go on sale for the Christmas holidays (About Russia it is not clear yet).
5. API for trial versions will appear in the market.
6. Moderation of applications will be. Waiting for confusion in the Android Market is not worth it.

The most pleasant impression remains from the fact that MS Russia is ready to help developers, which is very nice. They expressed a desire to help, first of all, with questions of publishing and receiving profit from applications, which in my opinion is the most slippery moments.

All reports promised to lay out TechDays.

PS I managed to hold the device in my hands a little. The interface is really interesting and works smartly, but there is a danger that all these animations and thingies can be annoying.

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