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2.2.1 flew in


Oddly enough, about 2.2.1 I did not hear anything, but literally 10 minutes ago, an update to the version indicated in the subject came to my N1.
From the “quick-spotted”:
- significant increase in speed
- some widgets were cut off (for example: weather from “Gizmeteo”)

UPD from slimper :
- Corrected the days of the week in the application "Weather"
- Added "b" in the standard keyboard
- fix bug with Wi-Fi (it could not connect or disconnect after connecting), it was very disturbing for many users
UPD from VojToshik :
- the latest gmail client arrives with the update

At the request of workers (info after the update):
Model: Nexus One
Kernel: android-build @ apa26 # 1
Build: FRG83

PS about 2.2.1 on Habré did not find anything, if there is already something, poke your nose with your nose to wipe the glasses;)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105073/

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