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Ask a question to Haakon Lee


3DNews, one of the most popular Russian-language media resources specializing in IT, conducts an interactive interview with Haakon Wium Lee .

Recall that Haakon is one of the creators of cascading CSS style sheets. He is an ardent supporter of open web standards and the public free Internet. An expert in the field of browser technologies, since 1999 - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Opera Software.
The question can be asked here .

As a recommendation: questions about the functions of Opera, including non-working, it is better to leave for thematic forums and BTS . Haakon is much more interesting to learn global things, for example, how the Web technology platform will evolve, what browsers will be in the future, what awaits us in the field of web standards.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105072/

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