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How to create an idea?

It’s not so easy to get a new, real idea in the current rapidly developing period.

Very often, "igniting the blue sky" encouraging new solutions immediately go out for some weighty reasons and criticism ...

One of the reasons is technical impracticability. Our mind is so unlimited ingenuity that we can easily “easily” invent a transparent air laptop, where all components will be only from the air :-). This is an example of the "possibilities" of our "ingenuity."
The second reason may be market lack of demand. That is, we can invent a “pocket washing machine” or “a USB razor connected via a cable to a PC” and so on ... Ideas can amuse, make a stir, but not have a future, investment trouble, production and marketing fuss. That is, often ideas are not worth a broken penny just because no one is going to wet a broken penny into it or pay for the product received. And because of this serious obstacle, the idea of ​​stubbornly stalling, remaining at best on a piece of paper.

The third reason is that it may be wasted time, effort, and may be the means to reinvent the bicycle that I already have.
In simple terms, this means that you can invent what is already there, but we still do not know about it. For example, once a brilliant thought occurred to me (usually in the bathroom :-) when I brushed my teeth).
Why not make a small tube of paste inside the brush? It's so convenient, especially when traveling.
Without hesitation, I strenuously began to draw and study the drawings. Something started to clear up, much reworked with criticism. But not for long, my joy continued. Somehow I got the idea to search this on the Internet. After a brief search when sorting out different keywords in a Yahoo search engine, I found it. I went to the site with something like OSHO, I looked, and ...
Extinguished :-) ... It's late. And they already have a patent.
There were plenty of ideas. Also Full Color Laser Engraving in glass. I have been doing engraving for a long time, and made acrylic light from plexiglass with all kinds of highlights. And there were different samples to get a full color image. But when I was already close to getting this effect, one site appeared on the network (www.lagraph.ru in my opinion), the owner of which, a little bit earlier, had already managed to achieve the desired result and send an application for a patent. Again misfire ...
Like this. The market is not worth it. Before embarking on the development and implementation of the idea, try to carefully “flatten” it for the presence of analogs, market demand, price, terms and conveniences-advantages that your invention can give to the end user.

Dare in inventions! See “holes” in the environment in service, equipment, processes, arrangement and boldly, self-critically propose innovative solutions to problems.

After all, so patented things are born. Someone tired of the phone with the cord, in the process of research has achieved a wireless contact. Someone radiation huge monitor tired and developed liquid crystals.

You can say, but this is Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft, Google ...

Not. They either buy successful ideas-projects of other authors or hire them :-). And it turns out later that Samsung is already an author there :-).
But the ideas come to mind not only to people in the walls of hi-tech organizations!

Dare Kulibiny! Do not be afraid of competition, let it fear you :-).

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