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Obama is preparing a bill to control the Internet


According to the New York Times, with the growth of social networks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify criminal groups. Previously, wiretapping the phone made it possible to track information and prevent impending terrorist attacks. However, now replaced by cellular devices came Skype, Facebook and Twitter.

The US authorities are preparing a bill that must oblige social network owners to use some kind of software that allows the special services to “read” the users' correspondence and listen to the calls of instant messengers. The initiative is justified by the fact that the security of the country is under threat if it is impossible to control the flow of information. Proponents of the bill emphasize that, like when tapping telephone conversations, and reading e-mail, the special services will act within the framework of the law on the protection of personal data.
The problem of "transparency" of the Internet immediately became a central topic for discussion in the US blogosphere. Users complain that the Obama administration is encroaching on personal space already on the Internet. In response to this, the General Counsel of the FBI Valerie E. Caproni argues that the government is not interested in the personal life of Americans, and cares about the security of the homeland and the same Americans. However, none of the administration of the President of the United States commented on the possibility of installing software by third-party criminal groups and the use of personal information illegally.

Obama insists on the entry into force of the bill in early 2011. Representatives of the FBI and the National Security Agency have already begun a discussion on where the correspondence and audio recordings of the conversation should be stored. However, the US government wants the law to act on both American and foreign registered servers, for example, servers of RIM (Research In Motion), a Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry devices. This threatens to conflict with the government of Dubai and India because of the inability to control information from their coded servers.

Already in the States, corporations in the field of communication are working with software that allows users to record conversations according to the law " Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act ". This law allows US government services to control information since 1994 throughout the evolution of communication tools: from digital networks to mobile devices. Although social networks fall under the object of the law, in practice it does not apply to their activities. Some companies cannot technically provide integration to the special services, others are waiting for the US authorities to install the necessary software themselves.

So far there is no data on how the use of information obtained during telephone tapping, has helped in the investigation or the capture of criminal elements. However, one of the official representatives said that the arrest of members of the drug cartel failed because the criminals used to communicate not a cell phone, but an instant messenger whose information is not stored on any of the servers.

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