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What happened at Virusinfo and what will happen next?

Hello everyone.

A month has passed since the conflict between the virusinfo.info community and Kaspersky Lab. I will try to briefly explain our vision, and also to tell you what the departed team is doing now.

Many media outlets (I don’t argue, partly relying on my words, but having thought a lot from myself) presented things a bit differently than they really were. LC, of ​​course, not a “raider” (even in my post after the word “raider” there is a question mark). The conflict was inherently "interspersed." Between the active part of the administrative team, on the one hand, and LK employee Vitaly Denisov (DVi), on the other. At first, the claims of the community were limited only to the method of resolving his complaints to me and two other participants. I will not go into details, but in the end the community gave Vitaly some ultimatum. Admit that I was wrong, hand over the reins to another person, even if it is an employee of the LC. And all will be well. But the response and reaction was not quite long. Without waiting for any reaction, we started publicizing the conflict wherever possible, in the hope that common sense will prevail. Not prevailed. Now we have what we have. Site Virusinfo.info in its previous form is no longer and never will be. Now more and more applications of users for treatment are processed by the “911” system, the other life on the resource slowly fades.
On this comment we finish, and more to the conflict do not return.
Now about what will happen next. The team is gone. Almost all. And do not intend to return.
We settled in a new place, launched a few ideas into development and are ready to accept you in a new house.

The new home of the team is now located at Defendium.info
Why such a name, our plans and goals are chosen - it is written in detail on the “About the Project” page. Here I will quote a little bit.

The goal is to create an independent, objective and multi-vendor resource to assist users in the fight against malware, as well as to freely and objectively exchange information on tools and methods to combat malware between expert representatives of vendors and other interested participants of this resource. To be a source of knowledge and useful information for both users and information security professionals.

There is an opinion that we will succeed in everything :) There are agreements on cooperation in many issues with the specialists of Doctor Web, Eset, VBA, Panda. An agreement on their participation in the project. Active participation. Also in the process of negotiations with other vendors.

Many who have ceased to appear in the old place because of the policy imposed by the LC are slowly returning to us.

Plans really hulk. All will not be voiced. You yourself will see everything, and you will hear it, even without visiting us. We are 100% sure of this.

For now - bye, and see you soon! :)

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