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Internet at the price of a car (Sibirtelecom)

I want to tell my sad story about my experience of using the service of unlimited Internet access from the provider Sibirtelecom, who billed me in the amount of 230,000 rubles. for 2 months of using the service.

It all started in 2008 with an internet bill I received in the amount of 60,000 rubles. for 1 month. After a brief shock, I got through to tech support in an attempt to figure out what was wrong. I was told on the phone that they were going to figure it out. After some time, I called technical support again to find out if something was decided, to which I received an answer that this is how it should be “someone changed your tariff from unlimited to megabyte”.

I went to the office of the provider and left a complaint in which I did not agree with the invoice issued to me. While my complaint was being considered, another receipt arrived, but for a more amusing amount, about 170,000 rubles. (please note that Internet access was never blocked) after the amount increased to 230,000 Internet access was blocked to me and they sent an answer to my claim, which offered to voluntarily pay off the debt.

I turned to a lawyer and he prepared a complaint letter for me, which I sent to the provider, I was again sent a letter demanding to pay the debt, the provider did not contact me at all. The lawyer said nothing yet to do.
A subpoena arrived, which was successfully lost. (The story from the very beginning is described in more detail in my blog with document scans.)
After an unsuccessful court case, I turned to a journalist for a new newspaper, who published an article about this incident.

The court tried to appeal the decision several times and each time unsuccessfully, I hired other lawyers, but could not do anything. (By the way, I spent a little more than 40,000 rubles on lawyers). Now, 2010 is coming to an end, and by a court decision, from my salary, we began to calculate 2,500 rubles each last month. Monthly for 10 years, I was hanged on such a mortgage.

Immediately answer the most popular questions:

Q: “Why did you continue to consume traffic after an invoice?”

A: After receiving the invoice, I immediately turned to technical support, from which I did not hear any recommendations for further actions, except for “we will now understand.” Access was not blocked and with full confidence that this misunderstanding will now be resolved, I continued to use the service as usual.

Q: "You probably switched the tariff yourself?"

A: Please immediately leave behind the jokes like “changed the blue bench”, “off the hook”, “the cat ran through the keyboard”, “wife / grandmother / grandfather accidentally changed (a)”. In the apartment we live with my wife together, of the two of us, only I use the computer. I’ve been familiar with web-based billing systems for a long time and I simply cannot “accidentally poke the wrong button”.

Q: “Have you not noticed the change of tariff on the speed of the Internet?”

A: After changing the tariff, the speed as it was 1 Mbit remained, although the speed on the megabyte speed should have increased to 8 Mbit.

Q: “Is this what it was necessary to pump up there for 200 mowers?”

A: Everyone knows what torrents are. And you see how much you have pumped up for example, for the last month you are actively downloading torrents and multiply by 1.80 rubles. (Exactly that cost 1 MB 2 years ago)

UPD: If there are legally savvy people here, the question of the bailiffs, what can or can not and what to do in such a situation when the decision came into force and was transferred to the bailiffs?


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