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Electronic books in Russian languages

Recently, due to circumstances, I changed the phone to Samsung Galaxy Es. Stuck, of course, quite tasty, although not without rough edges. Well, yes, however, it is not about him.
In the list of pre-installed widgets there is a so-called “Bookstore”. In the original, it seems to be called BookStore. With it, you can buy and read e-books in your phone. As stated in the official video release , the reader has over 60 thousand books of more than 13 thousand authors. Naturally, for a fee.

I wondered about the possibility of downloading books in different languages ​​of Russia, other than Russian (for convenience, I will use the term “minority languages” or simply “native languages”). After all, about 20% of the inhabitants of Russia consider their native language to be one of the more than 100 minority languages ​​of the state, and about fifty of these languages ​​have the status of official or state (in the republics) languages. Several languages ​​have carriers of more than 1 million, even more - about half a million.

Of course, it is difficult to judge the number of books published in Russia in their native languages. At least, I do not know about the existence of such statistics. In the largest publishing house of one of the many national entities of the federation - the Sakha Republic (at the Bichik publishing house ) - I was told that about 300 titles of books come out a year, with a total circulation of about 600 thousand copies (some of them in Russian).

Naturally, there are no books in the minority languages ​​of Russia in the new offer of the respected company. This is probably due to simple economic reasons. After all, the e-book market in the minority languages ​​of Russia as such does not yet exist, or, if there is one (perhaps in Tatarstan or Bashkortostan — the largest republics), it is apparently rather narrow and does not make financial weather.

But all the same, I thought about why not start talking about it at least. I wrote a letter through the Samsung.ru feedback service and inquired about the prospects for this, well, and offered my services in establishing connections with the copyright holders of Sakhayan books. A few days later I received the answer that all the applications are handled by another organization, namely Samsung Apps . I wrote nothing to her support service ( via this form ). There, at first they did not understand what they were talking about, they asked for a screenshot of the "Bookstore" and asked if it was included in the firmware of the purchased phone. As it turned out, the last question contained a trick. When I replied that, in general, the application was pre-installed, they immediately unsubscribed in the spirit that the manufacturer of the phone was in charge of flashing the phone. The circle is closed.

Here is such a mess.

Then I found in the list of applications on the Samsung BookStore site , he referred to some mysterious company BEFREE, without links to the site. Attempts to search with the help of Yandex and Google did not give any intelligible results, for example, fashionable clothes are sold under such a label.

Of course, someday I will find a structure or person who is responsible for the assortment of books in one of the applications of the Samsung product (maybe with your help). But this topic is intended to raise the issue of e-books in the minority languages ​​of Russia.
The fact that they need someone, no doubt, most likely, will not arise. The question is how to make these books accessible to those who wish. For their money, of course.

Thanks for attention.

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