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Intel Atom launched on Asus motherboard with Socket 7 connector

Unfortunately, when the first Pentium processors appeared, I was still very far from computers - in general, there was a desire to learn how to work on a PC, but the money did not work out. Although, a little later, I still managed to catch up, already on PI, received by the organization where I worked, from a rich and friendly American organization. Now I remember with nostalgia the very PI, on which both the work went on, and all sorts of toys were played, and the Internet was first explored. It seems that nostalgia for the same stumps did not go away with Intel developers either - it became known recently that these same developers were able to “get” the Intel Atom on the Asus motherboard with Socket 7 connector.

Employees of some Intel research labs collected all this miracle of technology. They are responsible for launching the system based on new and newest processors on old and very old motherboards. It is clear that in the bins of such a laboratory can be stored a lot of old PC elements, not to mention the new processors. I do not know the truth, why all this is being done, but decisions are uncommon.

What is only an adapter from several boards used in order to start the whole miracle system. By the way, here the Intel Atom processor provides only 50.1 MHz, and the software that monitors the indicators determines many of the characteristics incorrectly (the CPU-Z program was used). I wonder how much time Intel engineers spent to create such an adapter in several levels? But the decision can be called “elegant”, with a certain assumption, of course.

In general, this whole system seems to emulate the operation of the Intel Pentium processor, where one Atom can emulate four Pentium I at 60 MHz at once.

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