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Website for the ministry for 2000 rubles

image Usually, we rarely highlight the accounts of the Artsofte-lite system - there are many of them, they are different, filled with the forces of customers, sometimes with taste, sometimes not. Recently, however, we wrote about how the same web project might look like in the Lite version and in its full form , but now the case is special.

The account of our Saas system was connected by the Ministry of Information Technologies of the Sverdlovsk Region.
Country page

The ministry's account, like all the others in the system, costs only 2,000 rubles a year, is filled with the efforts of the ministry's staff, and most importantly, it was created as soon as possible to solve a short-term task. Or rather, it was created right away when the ministry was registered in the SaaS system, but for some insignificant time it was filled with the necessary content for compliance with 8 FZ.
Ministry News Page

Event page

Lite-account is certainly not an “adult site” , but once again I am convinced that competent though standard tools are capable of solving short-term tasks quite effectively and ... economically. Well, of course, such an account is several times more adequate than a horde of individual dermosites for state forces for hundreds of thousands of rubles.

In my opinion, web projects for public purposes should be either multifunctional and expensive (for a very nonspecific custom), or as typical and economical as possible (with similar needs).

Those. either an expensive custom (albeit replicable), or a typical discounter, like a lite account for an unimportant budget.

Moreover, an expensive and well-created web project with one of its kind should not raise questions from the professional community, where many kilorubles were spent there, and the category of “type of individual” state sites for several hundred thousand rubles should be destroyed as a class in which each department trains in web creativity, and conveyor studios parasitize at the expense of the state budget, riveting another nedosayt.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105038/

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