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Welcome to the new era!

What do you choose? Digital and convenient or analog and real life?
Grandma's recipes? - fuck! Always on hand there is internet with services where I can learn how to cook something tasty from something that has not spoiled in my fridge.

Experience ... Experience is now global. If I need to ask the advice of a smart man, then I do not even need to know what his name is and especially how he looks. What for? - now they are all faceless. Although not - the differences in the names of links issued by Google. And now you can not even bother with the formation of the "half answer" - Google instant will help ... With Google, by the way, you can now even talk! Isn't it nice for you to talk with the smartest people in the world? ..

Drunkenness in bars followed by dragging unfamiliar girls into your bed and the next morning being fucked up by the fact that “she’s not my type” - why? There are VKontakte, facebook, ICQ, dating sites with photos ... If you have such things, why go somewhere, drink something, in the morning suffer from hangover, shame and surprise ... Why?
Why be able to understand a person when there are sites with ready-made patterns of behavior - “they are suitable for everyone and in all situations”. Why bother with the subtleties of understanding a particular person, when the result will be all-too early and without much difficulty. Fuck! it's just like a bitrix! :)

Welcome to the world of templates - they all “simplify”. Forget that you do not know something, that you do not have beautiful poems, that you are not able to distinguish pleasure from good cognac from drinking a long drink ... forget about everything - just use a custom template.

Analog incomprehensible movie with "some meaning"? Fuck you? There are great HD with a 150-channel sound and plot that “will capture throughout the entire film.” What the fuck is "takeshikanana" with "kusturitsy"? Where the fuck drive?

Analog photography? WTF? This is the last century that made you think, consider something before pressing the shutter button. TOTAL 36 possibilities to capture the time! We must try ... it's so bory! Now for the trip I take 2-3 thousand pictures, though, really good ones still get no more than 36. I like 1-2 of them ...

Books ... I haven't read books for a long time. I read blogs, articles on websites, electronic versions of books. I do not have reverent trembling from the “rustling of rough pages” or from the “mysterious smell of a new paper”; I would never be surprised that some pages stuck together or that sawdust was stuck in the structure of the paper. Never more ... I just do not read books. I will not be soared about the small print or horseradish printing. Why - my phone will increase it itself, adjust the lighting, brighten up a small illustration, and probably even sing a song that the main character sang if I want ... . Conveniently…

Music ... Are you listening to mp3s ??? Don't you understand that this is not lo-less? Are you also listening to this on a plastic jenius? No? Oh, you have good semi-professional "sinkh" ... And you know what you do not hear? You don’t hear the breathing, you don’t hear the barely audible sounds of the “pinch” of the string, you can’t even imagine that the same accordion has a bunch of sounds that it produces besides during the process of sound extraction. All this simply does not fall into the microphone - all this is “sound debris”, the presence of which, it is true, distinguishes the “living” from the “most magnificent recording”. But ... we do not go to concerts.

Human communication? Yes, damn, of course there is, we are all people here, how could it be otherwise! We communicate via icq, e-mail, on Skype, we even have the opportunity to see the interlocutor. But this is not all communication. There is also a non-verbal part of it. People speak more than sounds. Although no, I will not talk about it - this is how everyone knows and feels every day. Is it easier to lie or confess love on the phone? It is even more convenient and easier to do this in electronic-printed form - there even the trembling voice is not noticeable. And you can’t look into a person’s eyes, touch his hand ... All this replaces “high speed information delivery to any part of the globe” and “the ability to hear your favorite voice always” - this is really great! True, a little plastic ...

With all this - I really like the digital-analog world in which I live. I still have the opportunity to choose both an instant and exact figure, and a live analogue. It all depends on how important the details are to me.

Sources: yesterday's whiskey, Kim Ki Duk, google, Dream Theater and Mac Baren.

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