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Plugin for the Site Memory Button in WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, we released the Site Memory button. This is a convenient way for site owners to give visitors the opportunity to remember and subsequently find all their favorite content without leaving the site. Today we are announcing the Site Memory plugin for the WordPress platform. Now for those of you who have a blog on this platform, installing a button has become much easier. Plugin designed and maintained by Slocum Design Studio .

After installation, the plugin automatically adds a Site Memory button to all blog entries. Manual settings are not required, although if you wish, you can change the appearance of the button, a notebook in which copied content will be placed, text to be included in the header and footer of the recording, etc.
Please note that the plugin is designed for self-installed blogs based on the WordPress platform. It will not work on blogs based on hosting WordPress.com , which does not allow the installation of third-party plug-ins. A bit strange, but what to do. An explanation of the differences (in English) is here .

Advantages of Site Memory

Site Memory is a tool for building a community of regular readers. With each new record, your visitors are once again convinced of the quality of the content that they want to keep for a long time.

Small statistics on Site Memory

We looked in our logs and calculated that users most often click the Site Memory button to add an entry to their account on the following sites:

1. The 4-Hour Workweek Blog
2. Boing Boing
3. Fuel Your Creativity

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