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The first Lenovo brand store opened in Moscow

On Saturday, September 25, the official opening of the first Lenovo brand store in Russia took place in the Gorbushka shopping center. For the first time, all laptop and desktop models from the Think and Idea business series available in Russia can be seen live! ThinkPad fans will be pleased with a large range of branded accessories that were previously available only when ordering via the Internet. Some products appeared in Russia for the first time: this is a nettop IdeaCentre Q150 ( we have already published a review of the device), as well as an original ThinkPad laptop charger.

In this article I will talk about the most interesting products presented in the store, including unusual accessories for the ThinkPad line. And those who are planning to buy a laptop this weekend, can take part in the action, and get a comfortable Lenovo backpack with a computer. To do this, you need to print this coupon and present it when buying a laptop in the Lenovo store on October 2 and 3. Lenovo brand store is located on the second floor of a shopping center in pavilion H2-058, you can find it using this card . We are waiting for you every day from 9 to 20 hours!

Inside, the Lenovo brand store looks like this:

Pay attention to the sofas. You can get acquainted with the model you are interested in right on the spot, in a very comfortable atmosphere. In tables in sufficient quantities divorced sockets.

The store is divided into Think and Idea series. This photo shows two monoblock based on the AMD platform: the powerful IdeaCentre B505 (23-inch FullHD display) and the more compact, but no less productive IdeaCentre B305 (21.5-inch). Similar models are available on the Intel platform (Respectively, B300 and B500).

Recently introduced Lenovo H320 desktop PC. For the first time in this series, compact cases are used, at a specified price (18490 rubles) a model is sold on an Intel Core i3 and with a discrete ATI Radeon video card.

Monoblock ThinkCentre A70z with a 19-inch matte display. The store also offers classic ThinkCentre desktop business PCs and ThinkVision displays.

For the first time, a nettop IdeaCentre Q150 appeared on the dual-core Intel Atom and the Nvidia ION video accelerator. A detailed review of the nettop can be read here .

The most powerful ThinkPad is the 17-inch W701. This configuration includes a built-in WACOM tablet and a calibrator. Built on the basis of a quad Intel Core i7.

And its closest relative is a unique ThinkPad W701ds model with an additional 10.6-inch screen. This laptop is also equipped with a tablet and a built-in calibrator. In the store, you can purchase one of the top versions of this laptop at a price slightly above 130 thousand rubles.

We turn to accessories. True fans of ThinkPad notebooks can purchase a ThinkPad USB Keyboard with a Trackpoint here.

Perhaps the most unusual accessory for ThinkPad T410 / T410s / R400 notebook owners. Polarizing sticker on the screen, allowing to see the contents of the desktop only to the owner of the laptop ...

And completely opaque for someone who is trying to spy.

A full range of rechargeable batteries for all ThinkPad models.

And an adapter for the hard drive to the UltraBay connector. With it, the owners of ThinkPad T-Series and W-series notebooks can replace the necessary optical drive with an additional hard drive. One of the modifications available in Russia of the mobile workstation ThinkPad W510 combines the built-in hard drive and hard drive in the UltraBay slot into the Raid 0 array.

Finally, for the first time in retail, the universal ThinkPad Combo Adapter charger has appeared. This kit includes a thin 90-watt charger that can be connected to both a conventional electrical outlet and a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. In addition to the laptop, you can connect to the adapter any device that charges from USB. And for some popular phone models, regular adapters are also provided.

The range of Lenovo laptops in the branded store is almost complete: from the most affordable IdeaPad S10-3 / S10-3s netbooks to the powerful ThinkPad T410s, W510 and W701 laptops. The IdeaPad series is represented, in particular, by a thin and lightweight 14-inch laptop, the IdeaPad U460, the Y460 and Y560 gaming models, as well as the new Z-series with metal case elements and an updated keyboard. It is possible that for you in the Lenovo store there is a model of a laptop or desktop PC, suitable for budget and tasks. Waiting for you!

UPD. There are many questions in the comments about the store site and the phone for communication. The site, unfortunately, is still in development, but the availability of Lenovo products in the store and prices can be specified by calling (495) 231-49-32.

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