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New StartupIndex Review directory number has been released.

Hi habraedi!

The sixth issue of the StartupIndex Review magazine was published today . The full PDF version of the previous, fifth issue will be published on the site shortly.

StartupIndex Review is a quarterly collection of current innovation projects in the IT and media industry. In each issue we collect the best projects for investment, publish a report on industry research and complete the magazine with a thematic interview.
In the new issue, an introductory study sheds light on one of the most interesting sectors of the Russian Internet, video services. The objects of the study were the largest video sites of the Runet: Rutube , Tvigle , Smotri.com , My World@mail.ru , Yandex.video , Rambler Vision and Russia.ru .

According to analysts' forecasts, the growth of the video services market will be 200% by 2013. Therefore, now investors are very actively investing in legal video hosting and resources. On the other hand, the market is still not formed and is ready for new experiments and copyright holders, and producers and content providers - in the near future, a number of dramatic changes are in store for it.

“When there is no company with capitalization in the segment at the level of $ 50 million, it’s impossible to talk about a fully formed market,” said Eduard Abramov, vice president of D3 Media Group . The study also includes detailed comments by Tvigle Media CEO Yegor Yakovlev and Natalia Loseva, the chief editor of the RIA Novosti portal.

We pay the main attention to the issue to four new projects that received StartupIndex investment rating. This time it’s the online game developer SKAZKA , the massively multiplayer online game Futuriti , the online information management system for business negotiations yaM and the ComSyndrom travel service.

In addition, in the section with brief descriptions, you can find five more interesting projects that have not yet received a rating, but are marked by experts as promising. This is Task.ly task storage , an original service that allows you to mark web pages with the Goozzy sticker, TeamTools teamwork system, the National Taxi taxi service web service and a closed social network for those who are professional in the field - Face Gallery .

Independent experts comment on the projects: Pavel Cherkashin, Alexander Chekshin , Leonid Delitsyn , Dmitry Demenchuk , Maxim Spiridonov , Andrey Zotov , Sergey Kotyrev and Nikolay Mityushin .
The release ends with a traditional interview. In it, Alexander Galitsky, the founder of Almaz Capital Partners , spoke about the key problems of the Russian Internet business and ways to solve them: "We need to get rid of our inferiority complex that people have accumulated over many years."

StartupIndex Review is distributed by private mailing only to representatives of industry and portfolio investors, media holdings, venture funds, incubators, as well as authors and managers of successful projects in the field of IT and New Media. If you are one of them - apply by filling out the form on our website .

The journal is published in limited edition and falls only to a narrow circle of experts. But we always wanted to give access to information about the start-up market to everyone who really needs it. Therefore, we offer the first 30 copies of the magazine to Moscow readers of Habrakhabr. They will receive the first 30 people who correctly filled out the form on our website. You just need to remember to indicate that you are from Habra and convincingly tell you how our magazine will be useful to you.

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