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Running clodo.ru hosting

Hi, Habrahabr!

We are pleased to announce that on the 22nd we officially launched our cloud hosting service clodo.ru , some of which we already know about.

We invite everyone to register at clodo.ru ...

We use XEN virtualization technology, all virtual servers created run on high-quality Hewlett-Packard ProLiant H1000 G6 platforms. Each platform has 4 productive servers, each of which includes two Intel Xeon 5520 processors and 64 GB of RAM.
The cost of services starts from 280 rubles per month for a server with 256 MB of RAM, 5 GB HDD, 141 MHz CPU and 25 GB of traffic.

In addition to the usual virtual servers (Virtual Server service), we also have scalable virtual servers (Scale Server service - currently testing it, in which you can participate), on which there is a dynamic resource allocation — in this case, payment is made for used resources.

To manage the server, you immediately get access via SSH and VNC . Through VNC, you can connect to the server while the operating system is being installed. After its installation, of course, you can install any software and configure any server management option that is convenient for you.

You can host small and large-scale projects on virtual servers that require the allocation of a large amount of resources.

In the future, we plan to deploy very large projects using the Cloud Server technology (several scalable servers work through a balancer and the total capacity can actually exceed the capacity of the physical server). Payment is also made for the actual consumption of resources. To enable very quick access to data, we plan to add Cloud Storage technology.

Our software is designed to work stably, quickly and as comfortably as possible for users. See how clodo.ru works. Perhaps this would be a great choice for your next project.

Attention! For all who did not receive the SMS, and the account was activated manually, the bonus 1000 is charged on request to technical support.

UPD1: The consequence of habraeffekta became a huge turn on the creation of virtual servers. The server dedicated to processing requests no longer cope with incoming requests. At the moment we have added additional servers to handle new incoming requests. The pending requests will be deleted in the near future with compensation for the funds withdrawn. At the moment, the creation of virtual servers is working normally. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

UPD2: Out of IP addresses. We are waiting for the allocation of additional subnets. Sorry for inconvenience.

UPD3: Distributed bonuses for 2 000 000 rubles. For new registrations leave a bonus for testing in the amount of 300 rubles.

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