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Overview of twitter music distribution services

The topic is written by Rispen (rispen@mail.com), which has not yet been submitted to Habré.
twitt Hello, habrausers and guests of the site! Many of you use the microblogging service Twitter. For some, he replaced quite ordinary blogs. Of course, according to the functionality, Twitter loses such blog hosting sites as LiveJournal, BlogSpot, but thanks to services that grow like mushrooms after rain, they help microblogs to take the audience. Today we will talk about one of the types of these services - the distribution of music.
Today we will test 5 services for music distribution:

And five songs of different times and nations volunteered to help me.
  1. Rock band - Pops
  2. Cinema - Star named Sun
  3. The Beatles - Back in Ussr
  4. Elvis Presley - My love
  5. Linkin park - Blackbirds

Well, let's get started!


The first our rabbit was the site twt.fm. It entices us with a simple, clear interface, though not Russified, but still understandable even to a person who does not know English. There is a function to preview tweet on your page, i.e. You can immediately see how the post will look, and you can also listen to an excerpt from the song. But even all these advantages dramatically negates the search. He is the main mnus. Here he gives out only ... one result, which in itself is terrible (after all, there are obviously more My Love songs in the world than I think). Total: I have 5 songs out of them, correctly found none. The closest thing was just an attempt with the song Back in the Ussr, when the performer was identified by Paul McCartney (which is almost the same thing in principle). Awful result! Thank God that there is an opportunity to add your own composition.


Disappointed with the functionality of the past contestant, I went to listento.fm. The service itself is still in beta testing, which its logo shamelessly says. The main function of the site is to download not only music, but also video and images. When you enter the name of the artist and the name of the song, a window appears with his biography and a window for uploading photo / video materials. Also on the site there are TOP-25 songs and videos, which allows you to stay up to date with musical novelties.

And so, to our songs: the service did not identify 2 songs, as it is not difficult to guess, of Russian origin. With the introduction of Russian characters in general, the site displays an error 502. Better with foreign ones, everything was decided, but the songs themselves were not there, enthusiasts will have to fill them.


The third in line was song.ly, a rather famous music search service. According to Alexa, it is ranked 2nd among all participants in the traffic generation test. There are few functions on the service, but there are definitely no extras. You can see which songs are being published on Twitter, or listen to your friends, all you need to do is agree to join the account.

The impression of the service is twofold. He rally found a Beatle and Elvis Presley song, but he stumbled over the Blackbirds and Popse. But the composition of the group "Kino" was only in the DJ ANTONIO mix. Not very good, but not very bad. By the way, a small addition for those who like to spend all the licensed money - you can buy a song you like on Amazon or iTunes, since there is a link to the stores.

Listen.grooveshark.com (tinysong.com)

And so, the fourth participant in our competition and the only one performed on the Flash service, listen.grooveshark.com. Well, it’s rather not a service, but a kind of social network where the player takes the main place. You can register and have a regular playlist, chat with other users, upload your songs.

(Look in the lower right corner, is that a hint?)
There are really a lot of songs, so a search for albums, artists and playlists was developed. You can also see what people are listening to at the moment. So I learned that most often they listen to Katya Perry and Kesha the parrot. You can listen to songs with whole albums, send your favorites to Favorites, and then create a disc to your car :).
Particularly pleased with the built-in search. Compared to twt.fm, there is a huge database of songs, where at least some keys from the search are suitable. Thanks to this, I was amazed to find songs that were not found in past trials. We are talking about the songs "Pops" and "Blackbirds", and 1 turned out to be even in 2 versions. The remaining 3 compositions were also easily found in a huge catalog.
Well, how to get a link to the song? How to recommend it? For these purposes, the site was made tinysong.com . On it is just the base from Grooveshark.

Just enter the name of the song, click "Share" and send the song to Twitter, or copy a short link with the piece and leave it on the forum or chat. What is just epically upset is that the link leads to a familiar Gruvshark, and therefore have to wait every time to download the flash base. Although the Tinysong bug is present.


To be honest, at first I didn’t want to test this service at all. I really did not like the registration on the main page of the service. To be honest, I was waiting for something like listento.fm or twt.fm, but what I saw was above all expectations.

This service is a mix of music and video. You play the role of a DJ here, you can add songs to your list, thus you manage the party =). Twitter line “What is happening now” is replaced by “What song would you like to listen to on Blip?”. See the TV icon on the screenshot next to the song name? That means you can ... watch the clip! It is displayed to the right of the search string. It is very convenient, I even found out that there is a clip for my favorite song. By the way, on the site, as well as on 4SQ, there are Badges that can be earned, for example, to become a level 4 DJ you need to add songs for 30 days in a row. Difficult, but possible.
As for the functional, I will say briefly: all the songs have been guessed (and I found clips on ALL). Well, the first glance is erroneous, proved by our example.

Let's sum up:
Website / Features
Found songs
The ability to download your music
Convenience search
0 (1)
2 + 1
You can insert a link to the song
Tinysong.com/ Grooveshark.com

Well, who was the winner? You decide, dear friends! I liked the Tinysong site the most because it’s the easiest to deal with. If you need to watch clips with a song, welcome to Blip.fm.

Well that's all! Thank you all for your attention, if I get on Habr, I will write a few more articles about Twitter services. Bye everyone!

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