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Conference for developers in Orenburg

Conference program

  1. Opening of the conference. Boris Volfson (head of the Softline web development department in Orenburg), Sergey Larkov (head of the Softline representative office in Orenburg) - 15 minutes
  2. Scrum is a flexible project management framework. Boris Wolfson (Head of Softline Web Development in Orenburg) - 1 hour
  3. Cloud computing: Windows Azure. Kalduzov Alexey (senior developer) - 1 hour
  4. Break - 15 minutes
  5. Modern software testing methods. Mikhail Oblozhikhin (tester) - 1 hour
  6. Architecture of high-loaded projects. Yuri Vidineev (system administrator) - 1 hour

Also, all participants will be available on the sidelines for questions and discussions.
September 28, 2010 from 14.00-18.00 at the address of Orenburg, Victory Avenue, 24 (assembly hall), interuniversity conferences are held, for graduate students of IT specialties, researchers, and other interested parties, dedicated to the problems of web-programming. Participation is free.
Telephone for contacts - 591-222 (Boris).


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