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The entire archive of the Computer Science Club at POMI RAS has been published

Good day!

As a representative of the project, Lectorium is pleased to announce that we have published the entire archive of Computer Science Club.
In addition, almost a year ago we organized the recording of all lectures on good cameras and microphones.
And this year we plan to connect webinars.

Most lectures are read in Russian. All entries are provided with presentations and descriptions.
UPD. Briefly. Old lectures in poor quality, and new ones since 2010 with good sound and in 720p.
UPD 2 Expanded channel, the video is loaded now without problems.

Under the cut a list of courses and a few questions regarding webinars.

2010-2011, just started

Theory of complexity of evidence
Functional programming
Semantic classification of images

2009-2010 year

Distributed Information Retrieval (3)
From Object Replication to Database Replication (3)
Ubiquitous Computing - Vision, Technology, and Implications (3)
On modern methods of automatic formal verification of hardware (2)
Introduction to Bioinformatics (5)
Virtualization and virtual machines (16)
The tenth problem of Hubert. Solution and applications in computer science (17)
Additional chapters of the theory of matching (6)
Energy optimization in computer vision problems and algorithms on graphs (4)
Theory of Dynamic Games (3)
Model based testing (3)

2008-2009 year

Parallel programming (6)
Computationally difficult problems and derandomization (2)
Communication complexity (11)
The theory of economic mechanisms. Auctions (2)
Web research (2)
Tarski's algorithm (2)
Algorithmic Information Theory (6)
Structural complexity theory (8)
Graph Algorithms (2)
Software Verification (5)
Software Testing (5)
Cryptographic hash functions (5)
Networking (3)
Complicated cryptography (3)
Effective algorithms (11)
Distributed Algorithms (3)
Algorithms for NP-hard problems (13)
Cryptographic Protocols (9)
Mathematical Foundations Computer Science (14)
Formal languages ​​and syntactic analysis (10)

Questions to the respected community:
1. Would you be interested to watch these lectures online with the ability to ask questions to the lecturer in the chat? Please note that classes are held on weekends.
2. Is it possible purely physically in your city? Will the channel pull? Moscow and St. Petersburg are understandable, but in other cities it is not clear.
3. We are looking for a patron who is willing to finance online broadcast. I want to do on the level, with several cameras, video, blackjack ...

The club is located in St. Petersburg. Visits are free and free. Site with the schedule. logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub

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