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For 2007

Following the fashion to make predictions for the coming year, I will suggest that if not the next, then a new standard for the company's website will appear, where instead of the already familiar main page with a hierarchical menu of the most varied cut, the google-like interface will appear - the main page will contain “business card "Companies plus a search engine entry line for the entire amount of information provided. By the way, Google has already released the Google Apps for Domain package to create its “google.com”, tried to integrate it with the Google Appliance or the Google Mini , plus it is desirable to revive Google Answers in a local version (like Google Answers Mini) and the new generation CMS prototype is ready.

Large companies have long been able to offer much more information to a potential client about their products and services than you can conveniently place these data in the hierarchical menu, and even so that the user can figure out the structure from the first call. And so it will be all the “intuitive” search line interface.

Of course, the search string is standardly present on almost every site, but conceived on the outskirts in the right back corner and often purely at the bottom, for the search capabilities “wired” in some CMS are quite scanty. It will be the other way around - the search string will be in the center of attention and the largest object on the page, and the menu will become an auxiliary tool and will change depending on what the user is looking for, allowing you to quickly navigate the results or refine queries in one / two clicks.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1050/

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