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Dumping as a signal

On September 9, the debut day of the sixth version of Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMware dropped the price for Fusion, its virtualization product for desktop and mobile Mac computers. At the same time, Fusion fell eight times - from $ 79.99 to $ 9.99. Such a fall in prices took place as part of the launch of the “parallelization” campaign of Mac users. The reason VMware has opened the hunting season for Parallels Desktop for Mac users is to entice previous versions of Parallels Desktop users who are thinking about the prospect of upgrading.

Under the cut - the words of Stas Protasov, the main R & D in Parallels. Moped is not mine. But I heard, as it seemed to me, a stupid thing, and therefore I am a chronicler - maybe it will seem interesting to someone.

“It is clear that the fall in prices of VMware Fusion 3 is an attempt by VMware to regain the position lost in several years in the market of virtualization solutions for Mac computers. Three years ago, the ratio of the market share of Parallels and VMware in the segment of desktop virtualization was 50/50, and now it has changed to 75/25 — in favor of Parallels. Our competitor is a strong company. The neighborhood with them forced us to work hard and rest, concentrate on the main things: we wrote quality code, first invented and implemented cool features, worked on convenience. For the main things the buyer voted in dollars. So now we have what we have.
Low price is a weapon that you can try to win. But in most cases it is ineffective. Price is just one of the parameters by which consumers choose a product. Perhaps that is why Apple users can hardly be attracted by similar products from Chinese manufacturers. But the Chinese and the tablet seems to be thinner, and USB is, and there is a built-in TV, and the gadget is ten times cheaper. But why on the night before the start of sales of the new device, the huge queues line up just before Apple's brand stores, and not in front of a tent with Chinese handicrafts? Because for the consumer the value of the product is far from the price, but a combination of other qualities. Dumping, by contrast, can devalue the cost of the product. And the price trap will be the one who so carefully placed it. ”

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104999/

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