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By contra or worm principle

There are a lot of techniques to improve your performance and time management, self-motivation, like GTD, time-diving, etc.

One of the important tips - try to do something unpleasant right away so that the system resources of our psyche do not hang and eat.
It’s great, it made me think and understand that I consciously use the diametrically opposite principle and this is a guarantee of my effectiveness personally, and I’ll tell you about it.

As a teenager, I hated doing my homework. And did not. But every day the weight of this unfulfilled task hung like a cloud over his head. But there was an obsessive desire to compensate for this with other fruitful activities: programming, drawing, cleaning the room, writing texts on various topics, everything was nicer than taking and doing this damn homework - a bunch of nasty, routine, meaningless operations.
If I took myself in hand and forced myself to sit down for him, then a stupor came, I could not just take it and start.

For many years of his non-doing, I slipped into full threes, but, logically, things went very well with programming and drawing. They didn’t turn me out just because I was very active in the production of posters, the school magazine, the design of classrooms and the maintenance of life in the park DKK-2. Couples in the diary have lost relevance as soon as I entered the university, but the fruits of “avoidance” still serve me well.

So what am I talking about?

Suppose we have a project or just a workflow where, as part of planning or routine, we need to sit down and do something not very important (over time, we still begin to understand what is important and what is not, isn’t it?) , but very unpleasant, for example, requiring 5 hours of routine work. I leave it for later, why destroy such an abyss of inspiration, when I am ready to do with enthusiasm everything that is even a bit more pleasant than that?

Ok, let's say I took it, sat down, temporarily washed my head with karma yoga, implying joy and release from the very fact of work, turned off my head and did it. Not so hard to overcome. Why not do this?

Let's say you drank a glass of grape juice with a very nasty worm that swims there. Yes, the worm didn’t seem to have any taste, we didn’t poison it, but for some reason, then we don’t really like grape juice, even if it is very tasty, fresh, and there is nothing swimming there.

It also ceases to like the project or work, in which you have to eat these worms. The more we ate them before, the less you want to do it, the project or just this area. But we are ready to do a lot to prevent the worm from eating.

In any area there are these worms, their own routine, vile moments, it is very difficult to love, it is sometimes easier to strain and become a leader so that someone else will do it or pay someone for eating the worm (and it is quite possible that it will be a specially trained worm , who will be grateful for the order, especially if he now needs to have another type of worm, which he does not tolerate already).

When we have an abyss of inspiration, creative flight, an interesting order, everything is simple and transparent, one person costs ten at the usual time, and we do not need to dive into the complex methods of roof self-rape, which teach how to plug eyes and nose when eating worms (and the sediment remains), how to do it so as not to eat at all, or to go around the places of their accumulation. But not to the fact that their inevitable existence can be used for the benefit of themselves.

Let them live.

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