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Patents for the “service” of the motherland

I do not know, maybe I discovered America, but recently, communicating with one comrade from the IAC, from whom our wonderful state is also sitting in the liver, I learned how IT-tenders are distributed absolutely in white.

The essence of the fraud is as follows: the tender is absolutely honestly held, published on www.zakupki.gov.ru , etc. There is a well-known winning office in cooperation with which everything is already "grasped", either by direct agreement on a rollback, or by more clever schemes that allow the family of trusted representatives or anyone else with a stake in the company in their pocket or by other means to get their "Dividends".
How can one office win a tender, fail it in a rough, then win again and again ...

Everything is very simple: the office keeps 1-2 small patents, and since our patent system is wild, wild and absolutely local, this patent can be a patent for using the cursor, mouse, touch interface, anything, as a rule it is some kind of crazy encryption, compatibility module with what has been previously developed, etc., so as not to turn the scam completely "head on." The reference to this small patent is included in the TT and only one single office can win the tender.

Oh yeah, the price of the issue, the price is transcendental, including the entire sawmill. And it is formed by an absolutely market principle called monopoly. If the proposal is formed by a single company, then the price can be any. And it is restrained only by the need for balance in feeding downstream from the supreme sawflies

And, of course, everything that happens from the point of our legislation is absolutely white, clean and transparent, unlike ordinary people who have the audacity to violate certain laws every day, to take at least copyright law with its wonderful fresh amendments (maybe not quite in the topic, but I'm still impressed).

As a homework, I can offer to read the TT to the tender Development of technical solutions, implementation and maintenance of software automated information system for maintaining the state real estate cadastre

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