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Mechanical arm is too easy to use.

Imagine that you have a manipulator that you use for the first time. Everything is very simple, and working with it is extremely simple, approximately the same as pressing a button - you decided to take something, and the manipulator takes it in the best way. It seems to be not bad, but the participants in the tests of a real robotic manipulator were not very happy with the result. People do not like the fact that the manipulator is fully automated, and prefer to control their own “hand” on their own.

One of the developers of the manipulator, Aman Bekhal, an employee of the University of Central Florida, said that scientists did not expect this: "We were focused on solving technical problems, to do everything right ... We did not expect this."
The “hand”, which it would be more accurate to call a manipulator, can be controlled by voice commands, touchscreen, mouse, or even a joystick. So, this manipulator, having received the command of a person, automatically finds the best way to achieve the goal, the most rational and economical in this case. Tests have shown that manipulating a manipulator is really very easy.

So, the people who participated in the trials did not like how easy it was to work with such a hand. Rather, people liked the convenience of its use, but the subjects didn’t like the “independence” of the mechanical hand. The volunteers who participated in the studies preferred to control the “hand” themselves, deciding how and when this manipulator would take. In general, the developers had to abandon the idea of ​​full automation and start looking for a way to use the hybrid “hand” to make people feel like the master of the situation.

For accurate hand operation, the device is equipped with a laser, infrared and ultrasonic positioning systems in space. The combination of such systems makes the use of “hands” really simple and reliable.

Here is the video of the manipulator itself, and you don’t have to be an expert in English to understand this video, although the video is completely English.

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