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Free use of the designer for useful sites

We thought, why not make use of constructor for non-profit websites useful to society for free?
And really, why not? From now on, if you have a quality resource that is not focused on making money, you can use Biggo for free.
Examples of possible sites sites:
- philanthropic funds
- Shelters
- Sites about health, sports
- Exhibition announcements (not all)
- Website of any open source program
- Informative sites about science, culture, technology, etc.
- Blogs on interesting topics
- Maybe something else - write

How to take advantage of this offer

It is enough to register with us and start creating a website, 14 days for free in any case. If you do not have time to fill the site during this time, then we will give more, just let us know what site you plan to do.
Then the final decision of the moderator on the possibility of free use.


Sites not accepted:
-commercial orientation
- not bearing benefits to society
-with not unique content or spam links
In addition, the priority of technical support may be lower than for other customers. However, without help you will not be left.
A link to the main page of the constructor is required, it can not be removed.

Initially, the Business Card tariff is allocated, but it can be changed to any other if you need more resources and opportunities.

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