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Facebook introduced Discover Facebook Pages functionality

Many Facebook users point out that it’s not so convenient to work with this social network - many of the necessary sections are somehow irrational, getting to some elements is completely unrealistic for a beginner. Once I saw a couple of comments on Habré, where Facebook users noted that “Vkontakte” is more convenient than this, although it seems to be a clone. In general, I do not presume to judge what is more convenient - I rarely use the first and second social networks. I just want to point out that Facebook has released a rather interesting product, Discover Facebook Pages .

This is not a standalone service, but a kind of “browser” of communities and pages that may be of interest to Facebook users. Now you can quickly find the community pages you are interested in on the service, and quickly start working with these pages.

Discover Facebook Pages has a fairly concise interface - miniatures are displayed on the service page for a wide range of service communities. If you find what you need, just hover your mouse over the thumbnail and click. As a result, you automatically subscribe to information published in the selected community. If you want to learn more about what you have found for the community, you need to click not on the thumbnail itself, but on the title of the initial.
In addition, you can see on the right a list of your friends who like the same communities as you. After the introduction of new products, many Facebook users were surprised at how many users of this network share, or vice versa, do not share their interests.

The idea of ​​Discover Facebook Pages has been mature for a long time - and the author of it is one of Facebook designers Ben Blumenthal. The idea came to him after he was looking for new films that he would like to see. As a result, he came across a lot of tools that allowed to track new films and find old ones that I would also like to review. And so, Blumenthal decided to create a similar tool for Facebook, but not for films, but for communities.

Currently, you can leave an opinion on the new service of this social network. In principle, the service is quite simple, rational and convenient - you should try to evaluate it yourself.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104975/

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