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E-Books make up only 6% in the book market

Not so long ago, the online store Amazon has published statistics that 143 e-books are being sold for every 100 hardcover books (and for the last month the ratio is generally 100 to 180). Many could have the wrong idea of ​​the allegedly great popularity of e-books. Even UN officials began talking about the death of paper books five years later , based on Amazon statistics.

And although the very next day after Amazon , an explanation appeared that, according to Nielsen Bookscan, about 23% of book sales at Amazon accounted for hard covers, very few people paid attention to it, but in vain.

Objective figures are such that Amazon controls approximately 90% of the e-book market and only 19% of the entire book market in the United States. If you calculate how many hardcover books Amazon sells (based on market share, about 15.6 million in the first half of 2010 are released) and multiply by 1.43, it turns out that 22 million e-books were sold in six months. 6% of the entire book market in the USA, nothing more.
At the same time, Amazon sells e-books at a loss , trying to stake out the market.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104966/

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