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Zen engineering

When there is a free minute, I open any method at random, carefully re-read and “meditate on the grounds”.


A few days ago, ZotovSergey mentioned about his collection of various techniques for increasing the productivity of thinking (decision-making) and fragmentary records on this topic.
At the request that followed, he opened his Zen Engineering notebook in Evernote for public access.


This notebook was created as a personal collection. There is no malicious intent on appropriating other people's ideas, sources are indicated everywhere.
Claims from the authors will be immediately considered, and proposals to replenish the collection are readily accepted.

Reasons for creating

Why drag all this into your burrow when you can limit yourself to links?
Unfortunately, the links die (even at Habré, the authors periodically remove very useful topics in drafts). Or at the end rule the text, sometimes not for the better. Yes, and I want to reread smart thoughts in the absence of the Internet.


All methods are very heterogeneous in the degree of "scientific". But it's not scary. None of them will answer your question anyway.
Their task is to save you from the dirty look at things.
And in this regard, no less important technique is the constant reading of diverse literature (about art - do not forget!), Visiting museums and exhibitions.
The most important rule, in my observation, is that creativity begins where there is an excess of heterogeneous information (a condition that is not sufficient, but necessary).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104961/

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