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Volkswagen has created an automatic parking system

In general, this article is not one hundred percent related to this topic, but still 80% applies. The fact is that Volkswagen has created an automatic car parking system, which gives the car the ability to search for free parking space and automatically park. By the way, the car can and return to its owner.

In principle, a very common service in many countries is Valet-Parking, when the owner gives the keys to the car, and the employee already sends the car to a free space in the parking lot. After the same employee serves the car to the exit. Such a service, of course, adds a couple of dollars to the total bill of the institution where the client arrived.

And so, Volkswagen engineers have developed a system that will allow economical people to save that very two or three dollars (having spent, however, much more money on this system). The car itself is looking for free parking space, without requiring the participation of the owner of the car, and independently parks. By the way, about half a year ago, I saw a video on YouTube, where some posh car with an automatic parking system appeared - but he couldn’t look for a free space, required the owner’s participation, and didn’t act very well, almost ten minutes parked .
But cars equipped with a system from Volkswagen, it seems, will really help the owner to save time and money, and not just being considered one of the additional (and rather useless) "features" of expensive cars. True, the device is still only in the form of a prototype, and this prototype is rather big - its dimensions allow the device to fit only in the trunk of the Volkswagen Passat Variant. The developers promise to launch the system on stream in the near future, making it compact and affordable in terms of price (how much is still unknown).

The system will be controlled via a smartphone, but it will probably be possible to control the vehicle’s own means - after all, what if something happens to the smartphone (a trivial battery discharge), and the owner needs to park automatically?

All this sounds quite promising, but let's look at the result of the system test when the tests appear in the public domain.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104951/

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