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Eric Schmidt believes Bing is the main threat to Google

Yesterday, Friday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that Microsoft Bing's search engine is the main threat to Google itself. At the same time, Schmidt noted, neither Facebook nor Apple are as serious a threat as Bing.

Schmidt described Apple as a respected rival, and Facebook as "a company that consistently does an excellent job in the social networking area." But still, Schmidt called the search service of the software giant the first competitor to Google. Google CEO said that “We do not consider either Apple or Facebook as our competitors. Our competitor is Bing. Bing is a well-established, competitive search service. ”
Let me remind you that quite recently the share of Bing in the search market in percentage terms exceeded the share of the search service Yahoo! .. So far this concerns only the United States, but this is the main indicator of Bing's competitiveness. According to analyst firm Nielsen, the combined share of Bing, MSN and Windows Live is 13.9% of the total market for MHA search services. At the same time, the share of Yahoo! now stands at 13.1% (August 2010), while in July Yahoo! owned 14.6%.

Of course, Google is the dominant search service in the search market and the US and the world. In the US, for example, Google servers processed more than 65.1% of all American search queries. Interestingly, last year, in August, Microsoft's search service owned about 10.7% of the search market, so the growth rate for the year was 3.2%, which is not so bad.

The success of Bing is largely due to the cooperation with Yahoo !, since the search services of this corporation were combined with Bing to replace advertising fees received by Yahoo! .. Without this contract, Bing’s share would still not be very high. Just last month, the Microsoft server took on additional workload — processing search queries from users in the US and Canada who are accessing Yahoo! ..

Well, if Eric Schmidt himself calls Bing the number one competitor for the Google search service, he probably does have reason to make such statements. But, of course, Google Bing itself is still far away, in the sense of the share participation of both companies in the US and world search markets.

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