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What can you really do for 1000 rubles or mistakes freelancers

I want to take stock of the competition , which I once asked for a long time ago to publish one of my friends, odessky .
First of all, I want to say that this of course was a social experiment in which I tried to study the typical mistakes of freelancers in order to avoid them in the future.

And the tasks were:

I remind you that for each task I estimated at 1000 rubles. And now - the results and conclusions.

From the creation of a business card site, I expected a simple design and 3-5 standard pages (Home, About us, Contacts, etc.). The result was first a template where the main text was inserted into the update, then the layout was floated. As a result, crossolt suggested that I make a site on ukoz, which did not suit me, after which it disappeared. This is one of the freelance tactics - to take over the project, knowledge for which is not enough and then try to convince the customer to make a change in the TK for themselves. It works only with close customers who are not in the subject.

Assargin honestly completed the photo session, although he could not do everything he had promised, he nevertheless technically performed everything as agreed + showed a creative approach. I am satisfied and I am going to post pictures in the winter when they are especially interesting.
But with andorro turned out worse. At first he did not answer, although I waited a week - this is quite a sufficient time. Then, after the reminder, he sent only 2 photos, arguing that the photographer had erased the rest. Here we can conclude that if you, a freelancer, ruined a task, then gain courage and report it immediately, and offer your options to solve this problem. Attempts to delay the response expose you in the worst case.

With the provocative video that was supposed to remove alexkl, nothing came of it, but to honor alexkl I can say that he refused to receive 100% prepayment. And indeed, if there are doubts in one’s own strength, it’s better not to take an advance payment.

Well, finally, photos of nuclear power plants, which neochapay should have done. First, I received a message stating that he would be on a business trip for a month, a month later he wrote again - and received nothing in return. Whence follows that when customers do not want to make a 100% prepayment - there are certain reasons for this.

I hope this small experiment will benefit us all - both freelancers and customers.

Be happy and have a nice weekend!

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