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Svyaznoy Bank

It happened by chance, but I have another topic about a connection.
I went to replenish my mastercard club svyaznogo card and the operator casually offers me to issue a brand new svyaznogo card:
Steeper than the club:
10% per annum on any balance on the card
Cash withdrawal at any ATM without%
Free internet and SMS informing
Also bonuses for purchases are awarded.
Two in one: credit and debit

And no more details! Gave a little booklet in which all of these benefits. No tariffs, nothing ...
Climb on svyaznoybank.ru off site. In addition to tariffs there are no utilities.
Google ... and on the banks.ru forum there is a topic about the map;) it turns out that the "rebranding" of Promtorgbank. She released from September. Not yet available in all cities. And, apparently, such sweet conditions for recruiting customers.
Paypal not yet attached (
On account of whether it is possible to display webmans on it, I don’t know. But I think you can bring to the club and from the club to this.


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