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The United States is going to create a virtual zone protected from hackers


This is the case - all of these cyber-wars, the abduction of information from servers belonging to various government services, tired the statesmen in America so much that they decided to form a virtual refuge where evil hackers simply could not get to. Approximately this is the essence of the speech, which was delivered by General Keith Alexander, the head of the US Cyber ​​Command, before spec. US Congress Committee.

The general said that most of the attacks that are exposed to important elements of the network infrastructure of the United States are carried out or ordered by the enemies of this country, including terrorists, criminals (that is, the mafia), and various intelligence services of other countries. The purpose of the attacks is either stealing important information or blocking the work of individual structures, plus a test of the defenses of that very “cyber arm”.
The asylum from hackers, which will be created in the near future, will be a kind of virtual space where the main elements of the US network infrastructure will work, including computer networks of various departments, including, of course, intelligence services and the military. The general believes that the creation of such a zone “does not represent special efforts,” and believes that the main problem is various formalities, for example, the development of standards common to all participants of this asylum.

It is worth noting that the same general believes that hackers do not so much harm the country's defense, however, “God protects you,” and it’s worth creating a special shelter for the most vulnerable and important objects of the virtual space for the country.

Kit Alexander also said that all operations to create a safe zone for the network infrastructure of US public services will be as transparent as possible. All this will make sure that all the work carried out in accordance with the law.

Among the reasons that prompted the US government to create new ways to ensure the security of computer networks in this country, the general cites information that "the US enemies are planning and are creating new ways to attack, some of which are very dangerous."

So far, nothing concrete has been said about what this will be for a virtual asylum. But the idea is interesting, so let's see what happens next.

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