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Ajenti - six months later

It would seem that not so long ago I presented my project to Habra.
Many people responded, some came and left their mark on the source and commit history, some disappeared, someone is still with us.
I want to express my gratitude to all of them , because without them I could hardly have succeeded.
And today I finally release an alpha version of the project.

Under the cut you will find a lot of interesting things, and now the pre-harassment motivational screenshot :


Added support for the following distributions:

Written plug-ins to customize:

Honorable mention deserve:

Fully redesigned appearance (do not shoot the programmer - he draws as best he can)

The internal architecture has been completely rewritten - “plug-in” of any nesting level is now supported, and instead of the slow Genshi, fast XSLT is used (the average rendering acceleration is x5).

And most importantly, we are still looking for people who would like to work with us. Namely:

All these people will need the ability to work in Linux above average, and the code writers will also need to understand Git (or the desire to learn).
Contact me better by mail: john.pankov@gmail.com marked 'ajenti' in the subject.
I really try to answer everyone, really, but last time there were a lot of letters, and I could have missed someone.


Live demo is available at ... (caution: hosted at my place, there will not be 24/7 uptime).
My "server" will not sustain a habraeffect, therefore more accurately, please):
All in read-only mode
Unfortunately, the shop had to be covered thanks to some people who did not fail to take advantage of the lack of security and add the Barmin patch to cron.


If you want to help the project financially, then you can donate to the following wallets:


local launch tarball

Repository for Debian & Ubuntu:
  deb http://eugeny.github.com/ajenti/repo// 

For Debian Lenny users: Python 2.6 is required. We'll have to connect the corresponding repositories.
If you get a segfault when you first request it , upgrade python-lxml from here (Ubuntu) or from unstable (Debian) to 2.2.6


From the source folder: python serve.py [-v] [--config path / to / custom / config]
From the installed packages: /etc/init.d/ajenti start

useful links


PS I wonder if there are people on Habré who will guess about the true origin of the name? (:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104911/

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