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Your order -555 basins in the amount of -55500 rubles.

This is a common error in online stores. In the offline store, you will have to choose 555 blue plastic basins: put all 14 items from the display case into the basket, climb onto the top shelf of the rack and get another 43, and go with the seller to the warehouse for the rest and find only 143 items there.

In the online store “All the best basins of Russia” everything will be pretty simple by looking at the list of available basins, just order one yourself and, using the virtual basket, multiply its quantity to the desired 555. But what will happen if instead of "555" dial "-555", it seems the store owes you money.

Everything would be funny if not so sad. Such an error is found in almost all self-made stores, and even in many much more serious ones . The error manifests itself in different ways, in some places it is possible to order a negative quantity of goods for negative money. In others, if the sum of goods <0, the basket is reset, however, if you add one “big red bowl” for 10,000 rubles, and -5 blue for 100 rubles, you get 9,500 rubles, a tired sales manager may not notice this error.
Friends, let's write the right checks for the data!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10491/

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