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Winners of Microsoft Expression Contest

Today ended the prototyping contest in Microsoft Expression. It's time to announce the winners:

1st place: Work №17 - olegafx - 74 votes
2nd place: Work No. 29 - Evgeny Serdyukov - 27 votes
3rd place: Work No. 11 - Denis Liger - 26 votes
4th place: Work №8 - Ad1Dima - 26 goals
5th place: Work №30 - Kinday - 19 votes
6th place: Work No. 32 - Igor Zhelyaznikov - 18 votes
7th place: Work №36 - Krogin - 18 votes
8, 9, 10 places: Works No. 10,27,21 - Amiloid - 15, 12, 12

All participants will receive the promised prizes, and in addition to three T-shirts :), the user Amiloid will receive handballs for his activity.
I would like to say a big thank you to all participants of the competition and congratulate the winners. Hope you enjoyed the prototyping process with Microsoft Expression.

Always glad to hear from you suggestions and comments on the format of the competition. Write in the comments or in PM. Thanks again!

UPD : I apologize for the mistake in the first place, it was necessary to figure out what the mistake was - in the room or in the author

UPD : Today it was decided to leave the seats unchanged. In the following competitions we will take into account the mistakes of the prototyping competition and will use expert advice to determine the winners.

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