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One example of spent fraud

Hello to all!

I wanted to give information to all Habr's readers, since I almost fell for the “duck” myself.

It's about the Imidge website , offering "replica Swiss watches and exclusive accessories." Initially, I came across this site when I searched Google for information by the hour. Since I had to sort out the topic, I looked at the site with interest, and then I realized that before me was an example of a well-developed fraudulent scheme. And now - on points.

So, in front of the eyes of an inexperienced web surfer, a well-made website, representing replica watches, opens. And you can even find Rollex, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and more for some $ 250-300. The owners of the online store claim that the watches are made in Europe: Belgium, Switzerland, where original mechanisms are used, and this price is due to the fact that there are no precious stones and metals in the production and there is no need to pay for the brand (after all, it’s interesting - and is it drawn, how does copyright protection apply to this?)

The site has a review section, most of which are simply admiring. There is a service center, there is a delivery, the courier can show the clock absolutely free, the discount system works and in general - everything is just a fairy tale! Completes the picture list of awards assigned to the store .

Everything is so good that I just want to take it in bulk (by the way, there is an affiliate program on the site - it is not “cooperation”, but an affiliate program). Here is such a positive and alarming. Now let's go through all this.

1. I will never believe that it is officially possible to make watches in Europe under the brand of European factories. Basically. And let them say anything - it is illegal .

2. In the watch descriptions we kindly indicate the mechanism - for example, ETA 7750 in Zenith . This is magical, but only the ETA 7750 is supplied only to official factories . How the “copiers” got into the expensive mechanism is a mystery. And then the question is - is this the mechanism, and not cheap stamping?

3. Very guarantee a watch . 12 to 24 months - is this with the original ETA and Valjoux? And why so miserable? But the fact that the warranty does not apply to
normal wear and tear of parts and parts that have a limited service life;

- hmm, what are these details? In principle, in watches it is possible to classify almost everything as “naturally wearing.”
Also smiling are such "characteristics" of exact Swiss mechanisms:
# The mismatch between the hour and minute hands is less than half a minute division (when combined into the 12:00 position);
# Mismatch of the accuracy of the course (for a mechanical clock) within ± 12 sec. per day;
# Minor inaccuracy of the clock. Eliminated free of charge for 5 minutes at the time of circulation adjustment of the accuracy of the mechanism.

Anyway, reading the "Recommendations for care" raises a lot of questions.

4. Where is this beautiful place? the site even has a map, how to find them . At the same time pay attention to the nondescript postscript:
NB The online store warehouse operates without a showroom.

Hmm, strange - why is that? Maybe in the case of checking to pretend to be a fool and say that in general you have not heard about any watch? Well I do not know…

Very pleased with the presence of "warranty workshops." Here, the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can help me, but in Kiev, where I visit quite often, I will say this: if the kiosk on the street is a guarantee workshop of an office you respect, then yes - you should urgently take such a clock :)

5. Walking through the store awards , I learned a little about the “Ciferblat.com online portal for shopping watches independent portal” . Originally, this “independent portal” deals only with the evaluation of fake stores, not a single normal store is represented on it. And of course, having walked through the sites of these fake stores you can find a lot of cross-cskjr? who praise the "brothers in arms". All the same - only in different countries.

As for the ratings on ShopList , in Google, Yandex, and so on - well, we know how the rating is made there, right? And certainly it does not always depend on the integrity of the store.

6. I liked the confrontation of the owner of the domain www.imidge.com.ua : they say, I only provide information about the partners, but I don’t know anything, and in general I am a poor admin and leave me alone :)


What can I say? Conclusions can be made yourself. Personally, it seemed to me that some kind of brother from the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian fraudsters, who are simply pushing Chinese junk not for $ 30-40, wield? as in transitions, and an order of magnitude more - but with a good mine, and even through the Internet!

And here is a real assessment of the “high-quality copy of Swiss watches” obtained by the way most likely the organizers of the described “shop” receive them. Well, the question is - do you need it?

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