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poSEEDelki: what did we learn about Silicon Valley?

Three advantages of the valley, the difference in the approach of domestic and overseas investors to the choice of projects, and things that are not enough for startups in Russia.

On September 22, a Wobot startup spoke at poSEEDelki about its trip to the Plug'n'Play Tech Center business incubator. We tried to squeeze the most interesting things that were said. Links to the video and full text reports from the event can be found at the end of the post.

3 reasons why projects are better off living in Silicon Valley?
Quotation: “ One third of American investment is concentrated there, so any idea has a chance to turn into money. But projects there are at a higher stage - from small foreign companies that have already proven themselves in the domestic market to local “sharks” ” (Andrey Demidov, Wobot )

Reason number one. Opportunities for communication. At start-ups (meetups), you will not only receive the necessary information, but also be able to meet people who depend on a specific solution.
Two. Investors. In the US, people usually come to you who have experience of 20-50 projects (successful and not very successful) in the industry. If you are IT in Russia, an investor who used to build houses could easily come to you.
Three. Opportunities for the company: easy registration, in which in the first year you do not pay anything (including if you are bankrupt); the seller does not pay taxes for the client, and in general the tax base is simpler and clearer.
US Market Trends
Participants poSEEDelki asked the guys from Wobot to name a few trends in the US start-up market. They identified three areas:

- creating applications for mobile devices
- rejection of laptops and laptops in favor of smartphones
- social media projects

What is missing Russian startups?
Wobot gave two real examples of the fact that for overseas startups, solving the problem is often more important than the desire to make money.

Cafe Hacker Dojo (it is, in fact, a start-up community), where you can eat and drink, work, hold meetings with investors and future partners in separate mini-offices ... without paying anything. That is, you can pay there at will, but not necessarily.

Idea Generator (means of concentration). A certain Estonian businessman from the Plug & Play incubator installed a large light bulb and a glass for trifles in his office. Together, this design is called the generator of ideas. You come up, put $ 1 in the cup, put your hands on the light bulb and, with your eyes closed, try to concentrate. Within 10 seconds you should have a “great idea”. If this does not happen, you can take your dollar. The senselessness of the idea with the “generator” is discouraging, but, according to Wobot, there are twenty bucks in a glass.

Encore. Discussion: when to break into the valley and what happened before - the market or technology?

During the performance of Wobot, Nick Mikhailovsky (POIdo), who is currently negotiating in the valley, joined our twitter broadcast. It so happened that a kind of correspondence discussion took place between them. Who is right, who was wrong, and is there any truth in this dispute - you should understand.

About entering the US market

“We were advised: do not try to immediately enter the US market, first get at least 25% on the local” (Andrey Demidov and Roman Yudin, Wobot)

“Immediately focus on the North American market. The decision to develop first in Russia, and then try to get out in the US is fraught with “scattering” of resources ” (Nick Mikhailovsky, POIdo)

Is the Russian market lagging behind the US?

“We think it's not about the market, but about technology. The US market is oversaturated with them and in this respect it is exactly 2–3 years ahead of the Russian one ” (Roman Yudin, Wobot)

“The market, namely the market in Russia is lagging behind. And technology can be done anywhere ” (Nick Mikhailovsky, POIdo)


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