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The main sofa needs advice

They posted the third edition of Glavdivan with Yuri Virovts, he tells about HeadHunter, recruiting on the Internet, how easy it is to kill a startup within the company and how difficult it is to find a driver who does not listen to Chanson radio.

It is time to finally decide on the format of the transfer, so we have a few questions:
1. The most important question - is it interesting to you? Spread it here? (We, of course, have our own website - glavdivan.tv, where we post releases every Thursday, but for now it's more of a beauty)
2. Screwed a microphone to the shooting process. How is the sound now?
3. Next we will shoot Alexei Basov, Pavel Cherkashin and Nikolai Mityushin. Want to know something from them, ask?

We remove the "Main Sofa", because, first of all, it is very interesting for ourselves. And I want it to be useful to someone else. Therefore, we are open to suggestions, feedback and criticism. Especially - criticized.
We want to become better and we try very hard. :)

Well, and a few quotes Virovets:
- HeadHunter in the Internet for quite some time. We have seen how the big monsters of the Internet suddenly bent over, turning the ideas about leaders and outsiders upside down. In order not to be below, we need to be in trend.
- People can come up with something that does not occur to us. And to realize it better than us.
- You can not do start-up projects within the corporation. In a large manufacturing company it is difficult to start something new.
- The most scarce resource in any Internet company is development.
- It is impossible to embrace all types of hiring with one site. Money is earned on different types of hiring in different ways.
- We are ready to work with projects on different conditions: from purchase, to just entering the project, in order for it to work for the benefit of our strategic interests.
- We understand that free-lance is an independent business, integrating it into HeadHunter, we will kill it.
- Technology, repelling from the author, - dramatically increases its price.
- Nobody wants a future employer to look at your LiveJournal or Facebook profile. On the other hand, the employer really wants to see them.
- There is a huge market need for “blacklists” of employers and employees, but we will not introduce them. Our policy is to adhere to strict neutrality.
- You can simply watch what is from recruiting services in the West, not represented in Russia, and implement. There is no special “Russian specificity” for recruiting projects.
- The author of a startup should always think about how the idea of ​​his startup fits into typical human behavior.

PS If you have questions and suggestions about the “Main Sofa”, which you cannot express publicly (well, you never know), there is a mail glavdivan@gmail.com
Keep in touch.

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