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Oracle may buy AMD or Nvidia

Over the past five years, one Oracle has made 65 acquisitions and is not going to stop there. The head of the company Larry Ellison announced plans for the near future : software developers and even chip manufacturers were in the focus of interest of the software giant.

According to Ellison, this strategy is a logical continuation that follows from the January purchase of Sun Microsystems. After that, Oracle de facto entered the server market and is now forced to play on this field.

Larry Ellison said he wants to follow Steve Jobs’s example and control intellectual property even at the hardware level. As you know, Apple bought a manufacturer of processors for iPad and iPhone - Oracle also wants something similar.
Today, Sun SPARC processors, as well as Intel and AMD, run on Sun servers. A whole bunch of firms are engaged in manufacturing processors on the SPARC architecture. According to analysts, potential objects for purchase from Oracle are AMD, Nvidia or IBM microprocessor division.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104884/

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