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Effective communication

Everyone knows that communication with the client is very important to improve your product, brand or service.
And who knows how to make this communication as effective as possible?

The YellowMediaGroup experts answer:

Ato Foreman , night manager:
Always look for outs to help your customers. When they ask a question (within reason), assure them that you can help them. Ensure the final result of the service. Look for ways to make it easier for you to deal with. Always do what you promised to do.

Maxi Liv , operator:

The main thing, do not strain, do not be nervous, customers should feel your confidence.
Experience itself says that sometimes you simply don’t need to ask a bunch of questions. I lead the conversation quickly, of course, I consider whether the client likes it or not, adapt to it.

Orlando Raposo , operator:

When something goes wrong, it is better to ask for forgiveness. This is easy, but the client is satisfied. The client may not always be right, but he should always win. Immediately respond to all complaints and requests and inform customers about what you have already done in order to solve their problem. Make it easy for customers to complain and appreciate and respect their opinions. Yes, we do not always agree with this opinion, but criticism gives us a huge impetus for development. Even if your client is simply in a bad mood or has risen on the wrong foot, do everything possible to make him better and he will appreciate it.

Ksenia Mamedova , internal trainer:

You need to work on the bugs, the teacher is better than you. Filter errors, classify them, get into the system, then you can better understand customers, and the process of communication with them will be much easier.

Tonya Yablochkina , day manager:

Customers do not buy the product or service. They buy pleasant emotions and solutions for the accumulated problems. For most people, needs are driven by emotions rather than logic. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is for you to predict their desires. Communicate more often with your customers and you will know what they want.

Philip White , Social Relations Manager:

Aim at long-term relationships with your customers, they will be so pleased with the level of service and the level of communication with them that they will definitely spend their free time to tell friends and acquaintances about it. Thus you strengthen your reputation and lay the foundation for the growth of your business.

Vika Rassoshkina , head of the call center:

Your employees are the same “clients” that you serve, and they also need a regular dose of praise and support. Thank them for the quality work, always find an opportunity to show them how important they are. Treat your employees with respect, and this will affect their attitude towards customers. Attitudes towards employees and customers are equally important.
If you and your subordinates are so passionate about your work that you can not only meet the expectations of your customers, but also exceed them, then you will be able to win the battle for the development of your business. And in this case, everyone wins: your employees are happy, your customers are satisfied, and they will thank you with their loyalty, and they will surely tell everyone how pleasant it is to work with you, thereby constantly attracting new customers.

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