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Feed Converter - read RSS feeds offline

Feed Converter is a service for converting RSS and Atom feeds to various formats for later reading offline from various devices, such as communicators, e-books, etc.

This service has already glowed on the pages of Habr, users found it interesting, so the work on it continued, I want to tell you what happened in the end.

The biggest problem was that most of the feeds contained only announcements of articles, and to read the full version you need to go to the site, I decided to solve this problem by the service impractical, since there are a number of special online services:
feedex.net is the most advanced of all. it is enough to specify the address of the tape and the service will return the address of its extended version, although not all tapes are correctly processed.
Yahoo Pipes is a multifunctional combine that allows you to manipulate data, including ribbons. For popular tapes, you can already find ready-made pipes or collect them yourself, it's a blessing, and there are enough examples of such pipes.
RSS-farm.ru is an analogue of feedex.net, only it is necessary to work a little on expanding a certain feed, but they have a large catalog of already expanded feeds.
There are a bunch of other services - but I voiced the most famous, the rest you can find yourself.

The ability to convert not only to FictionBook , but also to a bunch of other formats was added: ePub , PDF , LRF , PDB , RTF , TXT .
Now it is possible to remember which records the user has converted into tapes, so that during subsequent conversions they will not get into the tape.

Now all parameters can be configured once, the next time they visit the site, they will be automatically loaded.

There are mobile applications for working with the service:
You can download Feed Converter from Android Market . If your device does not have access to the Android Market then you can download the version of Feed Converter for Android from Handster .

Palm webOS
You can download Feed Converter for Palm WebOS from the official Palm App Catalog.

Also, the service is available for English-speaking users, the difference in localization is that the service is free for Russian-speaking users, although if you want to support it, you can buy a premium account from the English version.

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104873/

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