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Video mafia online

Mafia-online I present to you the updated version of the game WhoIsMafia . Let me remind you that WhoIsMafia is a service based on the popular salon game Mafia, in which players are divided into two groups and in verbal battles they try to destroy the opposite team using web cameras and microphones.

During the pilot launch of the game there were a lot of jambs and bugs that reduced the possibilities of a comfortable game to no, which is not surprising in general - it was the first public service test. But he helped to identify a number of conceptual errors and get a lot of feedback and suggestions, for which I am very grateful to all of you.

One of my main mistakes was that in order to start the game, the creator of the room just needed to press a button. But some admins could not stand and left the room before the start of the game, and then the game could not start in any way. In addition, the minimum number of players in the room to start the game was set at six. Then it seemed to me that this figure was quite small - I was wrong :) And if in the first room because of the bug it was packed right under 40 people, then I didn’t see more than three days later.
And the most useful in my opinion in promoting the project is that now each room has its own link (permalink). Now you can create a game, send a link to your friend via IM, social network, twitter, etc., and a friend will immediately go to your room, even if you left it a long time ago.


Improved algorithm for starting the game and stopping the game. Now the game starts automatically when the required minimum number of players in the room is reached. Previously, the server part only introduced the players to each other, all other actions were performed by the game clients themselves (peer-to-peer). Now the server is also responsible for the process of starting and stopping the game.

Added the ability to create private rooms . These rooms are not displayed in the general list of rooms, you can access them only by knowing the key of the room - the link that is displayed in the address bar. This link can be bookmarked and meet there with friends. The link will look like this: www.whoismafia.com/# 8679654fbe2ffc227aa176afd73a6cc7 . However, pay attention because This is a peer-to-peer network, the key is quite simple to learn. Of course, in the future, all this can be securely encrypted, but now the main thing is for the concept to work.

Added the ability to create rooms with fewer participants. Now the minimum number of players is four.

Added rules in Russian with pictures (a question in the upper left of the screen). I have not translated into English yet. Also, if Russian is set as the language of the room, all game messages in this room will be in Russian.

And also a huge herd of beetles, and now, I hope, the game can really play mafia

Let me remind you that the game requires Flash Player not lower than 10.1.82, a webcam and a good firewall

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