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4K - new high-speed text entry method for mobile devices


The company SnapKey introduced a new method of high-speed text entry for mobile devices - 4K. Like T9, the new typing technique is predictive, that is, trying to predict which word the user wanted to write based on the typed combination of characters.

The essence of the new method is that in the 4K screen, four “invisible buttons” are assigned. Each of them is assigned several letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. The user thumbs on the "keys" in the desired sequence, and the software quickly selects the conceived words. Thus, the "keyboard" does not occupy a single pixel on the phone screen.
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According to the developers, the accuracy of the new typing method for the English language is up to 92% (about 100 thousand words in the English version).

It is assumed that you can start using a sticker on the screen, suggesting the location of characters. But the developers are sure that users will quickly learn and get rid of it, because with the new program, the virtual keyboard leaves the entire screen free, which is an undoubted advantage of this input method.

“There is a fundamental problem for mobile devices: the keyboard was invented for stationary devices, the screen is not designed to enter information, but only to output it,” said Benjamin Ghassabian, executive director of SnapKeys.

The authors compare the transition from the now widely used input methods for mobile devices to 4K with the transition of humanity from using horses to using cars. Time will tell whether this statement will remain just a pretentious phrase or 4k can really change the situation with typing on mobile gadgets.

By the way, it always got me too, that when working with a phone, I have to perform additional iterations in order to simply enter the text, for example, in the search engine line. If the new input method is as good as the authors praise it, then soon we will see it in the mobile device market.

According to Reuters, the company is in the process of making a deal to introduce 4K to Philips mobile devices. Income will be distributed 50/50 for both parties.

On their website, the authors demonstrate how using 4K one of the developers easily circumvents the existing Guinness record for the number of words printed per minute. (see the “demo” section on the company's website ).

The novelty is suitable for devices running on Windows, Symbian and Android operating systems. According to some information, the keyboardless keyboard will be available in a few months, first in European and Chinese, and a little later in Indian.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104859/

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