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Our company name is a key word for advertising competitors. What's next?

Recently a new division has joined our company - the Internet advertising agency E-promo . Therefore, the monitoring of the Internet information space, which we try to regularly conduct, in order to understand who, what and how says about us on the Internet, has increased by one request - “e-promo”. And so, yesterday, we were faced with a phenomenon that we heard about, but we never experienced for ourselves - it turns out that competitors are advertised in Yandex under the name of our agency. And even in special accommodation!

What to do? How to respond?

1. Thoughts

The first desire was to find out how the contextual advertising system directly relates to such behavior of advertisers. Here is a quote from Yandex.Direct rules :
“Ad keywords can be rejected for the following reasons:
other people's trademarks in keywords - other people's trademarks should not be used in keywords ”

That is, theoretically, such an ad can be rejected by moderators, but most likely they do it only for registered or well-known brands. For all the time of our work with Yandex.Direct, we have never noticed the rejection of such announcements. In spite of this, we still consult with our manager at Yandex - all of a sudden it will help.

Google’s trademark policy is much stricter. This is even devoted to a whole section in the rules for creating advertisements . True, in Russia they control the use of brands only in the text of ads - as keywords they can be chosen by any advertiser.

2. Emotions

Then I wanted to respond to the situation emotionally. But emotions were ambiguous. On the one hand, when advertising on such a request, competitors can theoretically delay some of our direct customers (especially those who are in special placement, which is higher than the search results).

On the other hand, I recall the optimistic expression "If the head hurts, then it is." The desire of many and many to choose their own keyword, for example, “nokia” (more than 7 million inquiries per month in Yandex) is understandable, but someone’s desire to place an ad on the query “e-promo”, which is not so popular, makes even somehow proud of yourself. They chose this request specifically, because even the ads are compiled indicating the main services of our agency. Freaks! Hooray, we are famous! :)

3. Suggestions

But seriously, I want to come up with some kind of optimal solution for all parties. Probably, bans will not help here (especially in Russia). But it would be great if contextual advertising systems would give some advantage to companies / brands that place ads on the keyword that matches the name. For example, the first place, regardless of the rates of competitors. After all, such an advertisement will be as relevant as possible.

What to do? How to respond? Questions remain open.

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