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The most accurate laser compass on rubidium

American physicist Alexander Zibrov, together with a group of assistants, invented the laser compass of a fundamentally new design , which is capable of pinpointing the magnetic field as accurately as possible.

The Zibrov method consists of laser illumination of rubidium-87 crystals, which in certain conditions (at 45 ° C) create a lattice that is dependent on the magnetic field. Using a laser, it is possible to detect how the lattice structure changes when a magnetic field appears, and this information makes it possible to accurately determine the strength and direction of the field.

The laser compass is far superior to all existing compasses in ease of operation. Of course, today there are compasses that work on lasers and take into account the atomic lattice, but all of them are much more complicated and require certain mathematical models.
During the experiment, Zibrova's compass successfully detected magnetic induction from 0.1 gauss to 200 gauss. These are impressive figures. The inventors add that the characteristics of the device can be adjusted by changing the size and temperature of the chip.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104839/

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